ScoreB format

ScoreB - Odds & Evens – How it works

Basically you plan your route to collect odds (or evens) first, then collect the evens (or odds). You don't have to collect all of one before the other, you can switch at any time. The change occurs automatically when you collect two of the other kind consecutively. If you accidentally collect, say, one odd when collecting evens, it will show as an extra, but you can still collect it as a genuine odd later. Perhaps the best way to explain is by an example. In this example the competitor has decided to collect odds first, then evens:

25, 43, 17, 24, 35, 48, 19, 31, 15, 26, 34, 14, 29, 48, 16, 13, 27, 44, 32 Total points 330

In the example the bold numbers are valid controls and the italics are extras.
24 and 48 are evens while collecting odds, so they are extras (i.e. they don't count)
26 and 34 are the first two evens collected consecutively, this causes the change from odds to evens.

29, 13 and 27 are odds while collecting evens, so they are extras.

Note that even though 13 and 27 are consecutive odds, they don't cause a switch back to collecting odds. Once the switch has been made you can't go back.

Note also that 48 still counts when collecting evens, even though you already recorded it while collecting odds.

One other thing is that the time penalty will be 30 points per minute – This can't be changed that in this scoring system.

Don't be worried about it, it isn't complex, just try not to run close to odds when you are on evens, and vice versa. The worst that can happen is that you have a run around a really nice area and have fun.