MapRun V7

There is a new release of MapRun (Version 7), it is now simply known as MapRun (no version number) and is downloadable from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. You can read about the changes on the MapRun website.

The main difference you will find is the way you select events. It is suggested that when you first use the app you go to 'Select Event', 'Filters', check 'Located near me' and chage 'Select Distance (km)' to 50. If you are likely to want to run past events by yourself then change 'Scheduled in future or last x days' to a suitable period.

You are still able to select events by folder if you wish, it is just that the above method seems to be the easiest since there are no other clubs nearby.

For the 2023 Spring Series you can continue to use MapRun6 or you can switch to MapRun (V7). Events after this series will only be using MapRun (V7).