Introduction to MapRun6
MapRun6 is easy orienteering using a SmartPhone for tracking and timing. Your run in the park or town just became much more interesting!
There are no orienteering flags placed on the course - instant feedback is provided with GPS tracks, personal results and leader board. You can do Wairarapa Orienteers Maprun6 courses any time, but we would like to see you at our advertised event time.
Before you go to the event

Install the free MapRun6 App (all one word, no spaces, Apple App Store or Android PlayStore).

Start the App, read and accept the terms and conditions then tap “Name” and register your details.

  • Go to "Events Near Me”. If the event doesn't appear then search through “Select event”.

  • Search the list and tap to select your course. On the main screen you should now see the course name displayed below “Select Event”.

At the event

  • The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible on course in the allocated time.

  • Points are scored by visiting each numbered ‘control’ on the map, these controls are only marked on the map, the GPS on your smartphone registers when you are at the control. Your will hear a beep and vibrate signal.

  • Each control you visit scores points according to the first digit of its number – a control numbered ‘18’ is worth 10 points, ‘22’ is worth 20 points etc.

  • Note that there is a score penalty for overtime – you lose 10 points for each minute over the allocated time.

  • You need to pass through the start to commence the timing and start your course and pass through the finish to stop the timer and complete your course.

  • The “Time” box (top left of screen) displays elapsed time since you started at the first point, the “Remaining” shows the time you have left for your race.

Ready? (sunscreen, hat, water?) GO

Ensure that in your phone settings Location is On

Open the MapRun app.

Press "Go to Start" (course map will appear)

Find the start location in the real world - the triangle on the map and finish at the double circle.

decide on the route you want to take and make your way to the start. When your phone beeps / vibrates , move onto the next control on the map repeat until you get back to the finish.

When you are finished, tap “Show Results” to compare your time with others or your own result from previous attempts.
You can also see results on the website:

Warning: You participate at your own risk and are responsible for your safety.