2023 Autumn Series Event 2


Wed 15 Feb 2023 18:00 — 19:00

Event information

This event has passed.

Anyone may do this event at any time. The printable version of the map that was used for this event can be found at Lansdowne 15-2-23. To upload the event to your smartphone this is the link to the event on MapRun6, or alternatively you can scan this QR code. 

45minute Urban Rogaine / Street Score Event. This was the second event of the Autumn Series.

Event centre is at the Burling Park, Roberts Rd, Lansdowne. Look for the Orienteering Wairarapa Flag.

We will be set up by 5:45pm. If everybody starts close to 6pm, then everyone will finish about the same time, giving time to meet, share, learn.

If you can't make 6pm then you can still start a bit later, we will be around until after 7pm. Newcomers most welcome.

Club members will explain what it is all about and set you on your way.

Please make sure that you have the MapRun6 app loaded into your phone, and that in your phone settings  Location is On/High Accuracy